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Youth FX™ Rejuvenator Cream with IntraCell Respiration Factor™ (IRF™)

Many anti-aging creams promise the appearance of younger skin. But they do this with harmful chemicals that cause your skin to puff up and to be bleached.    

Youth FX Rejuvenator is a major breakthrough that goes beyond mere appearance and helps you to have younger, healthier, more beautiful skin — for real.

How It Works        

To be beautiful and youthful, our skin cells need oxygen. Our skin cells can breathe directly from the air. The problem is they are not breathing properly. They are covered by a layer of dead cells. And also they get deficient in certain peptides (pieces of protein) that enable them to breathe.   Baker’s yeast cells have genes that are 90% identical to human cells. They too need oxygen, and they too produce the peptides needed to breathe from the air. IntraCell Respiration Factor (IRF), the primary active ingredient in Youth FX Rejuvenator Cream, is a unique extraction from baker’s yeast cells that is rich in the peptides our skin cells need to breathe.


before                 after    


Youth FX Rejuvenator removes the dead skin cells and opens up a pathway to the deeper layers of the skin so the IRF can nourish the young, developing cells, so they can regain their natural ability to breathe. They mature into more perfect, youthful, healthier skin cells.


before                 after    


For people with aging skin, the result is much smoother, lighter, tighter, firmer, youthful skin.   "I love the Youth FX products!!  It’s clearing up my skin, giving it a more even appearance, and adding a little radiance to it."  - Elisa "I've been using YouthFX for one month.  My skin is firmer and brighter."  - Milani     For young people concerned with blemishes, excess oil is removed so pimples disappear for good, resulting in clear, smooth, vibrant, beautiful skin.  


before                                     after    


For best results, after using Youth FX Rejuvenator, apply Youth FX Moisturizer which will protect your skin and encourage production of collegen.    


Youth FX Rejuvenator is the best thing you can do to have younger, healthier, more beautiful skin.

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