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Intracell Nutrition Inc. :: FOODFORM VITAMINS :: Foodform® Vitamin D3 2,000 IU + Mg

Foodform® Vitamin D3 2,000 IU + Mg

Foodform® Vitamin D3 2,000 IU + Mg

SKU 706

•  100% natural-form vitamin D in S. cerevisiae culture
•  Provides the active, hormonal form of vitamin D3
•  100% natural-form, whole food magnesium
•  Does not contain any USP vitamin D (cholecalciferol)
•  Does not contain any magnesium salts
•  Does not contain any genetically-modified organisms (non-GMO)

List Price: $37.07
Mfg. Direct Price: $25.95
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Foodform® Vitamin D3 2,000 IU + Mg: Features

The World's Most Effective Vitamin D

    Vitamin D plays a very important role not just for strong bones, but also for our immune function and our overall health.

    Vitamin D only functions in our body in its active, hormonal form. After our body makes vitamin D in the skin in the presence of sunlight, it then must convert it to the active, hormonal form. It does this in two steps.

    Step one occurs in the liver where it is converted part way to the active form. This is called the pro-hormonal form.

    Then it is sent to the adrenal glands on the kidneys where the final step occurs and it is converted to the active, hormonal form of vitamin D3. This is called 1,25-dihydroxy D3.

    When we do not get enough sun, our body does not make enough vitamin D in our skin. And even if we get sun exposure, our ability to convert vitamin D to the active hormonal form declines as we get older. This is especially true regarding our adrenals because aging, stress and lifestyle factors eventually impair the functioning of most people's adrenal glands.

    Foodform® Vitamin D3 is fed to live baker's yeast cells (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). These are the same cells that have been used for thousands of years to bake bread, make beer and wine, etc. We have some connection to baker's yeast cells because they have almost identical genes to human cells. They are able to perform certain human-like functions. When we feed vitamin D to the baker's yeast cells, they convert part of it the to the active hormonal form (1,25-dihydroxy D3).

    Unlike other vitamin D supplements, Foodform® Vitamin D3 is ready for our body to use. It contains both the pro-hormonal and the active hormonal form of vitamin D3. This was confirmed by a study on Foodform® Vitamin D3 at the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine.

     Each vege capsule also contains 50 mg of Foodform® Magnesium.

Key Features

• 100% Foodform® Vitamin D3 containing active, hormonal form.

• 1,000 IU vitamin D3 per capsule

• 50 mg Foodform® Magnesium per capsule

• Capsules are vegetarian



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