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Intracell Nutrition Inc. :: FOODFORM MINERALS :: Foodform® Magnesium 120 Caplets

Foodform® Magnesium 120 Caplets

Foodform® Magnesium 120 Caplets

SKU 808

  • 100% Real Whole Food
  • Lactobacillus Cultured.
  • The most natural and effective magnesium available.
  • Will not cause digestive upset, even when taken on an empty stomach.
  • Suggested Use: 4 or more caplets per day.

List Price: $57.07
Mfg. Direct Price: $39.95
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Foodform® Magnesium 120 Caplets: Features

The Ultimate Magnesium Supplement

    Foodform® Magnesium is 100% real whole food. It has been fed to live lactobacillus culture for maximum absorption and utilization in the cells of the body.

    Ordinary magnesium supplements are salts. They have no food value and cannot provide nutritional support. And they upset your stomach. Foodform Magnesium is 100% whole food. It does not contain any mineral salts such as magnesium oxide, gluconate, citrate, phosphate, ascorbate, chelate.

     Foodform® Magnesium is so naturally acceptable to your body you don't have to take it with a meal. There is no stomach upset like you get with ordinary magnesium supplements.

     Our body needs proper levels of magnesiium to maintain healthy bones and teeth, support a healthy cardiovascular system, nourish and support our nerves, help our smooth muscles to relax, and for other important health benefits.





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