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About FoodForm



Most People Are Taking Vitamin Supplements But Are Not Getting What They Think.

We try our best, but it's hard to eat right every day. Skipping meals, working long hours, not getting enough sleep, stressful living in a polluted environment. These and o ther lifestyle factors are depleting our body of the vital nutrients we need for a long and healthy life. The result is fatigue, irritability, a weak immune system and o ther health problems.

To make up for their less-than-perfect diet, most people take vitamin/mineral supplements every day. This can help. But supplements, even the so-called "natural" ones, can't effectively nourish our cells because they have no food value. They are pharmaceutical chemicals and rocks which are not the same as the vitamins and minerals in food.

Ordinary Vitamin/Mineral Supplements Are Chemicals And Rocks.

No matter which brand of vitamin supplement you choose, even the so-called "natural" ones, no matter how much you pay for them, they're formulated with isolated chemical vitamins and minerals called "USP". These are produced by pharmaceutical companies and sold in bulk drums to vitamin companies where they are blended into formulas and made into tablets, capsules, powders, liquids, food bars, etc. Then they're sold as the thousands of brand names in the health food stores, supermarkets, drug stores and o ther distribution channels.

Some companies mix a little food such as freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, algae, yeast, etc. with the USP vitamins in a blender, and then sell it as "food-based" or "in a food matrix." But mixing chemicals and rocks with some powdered food does not change them at all. This misleads people into believing the vitamins and minerals are from the food ra ther than USP chemicals and rocks. But the cells of your body aren't fooled. Our cells want real nourishment, as it is in food.

Some supplements are made entirely of powdered foods such as algae, bee pollen, nutritional yeast, herbs or freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. These are food, and their nutrients will be absorbed. But read the labels! The vitamin and mineral levels are far too low to give our cells what we need everyday. Powdered foods are simply not concentrated enough to function as an effective supplement.

Foodform Vitamins And Minerals Are Like Those In Whole Food.

Foodform vitamins and minerals are not a mixture of vitamins and food. They are concentrated whole-foods. Foodform is the result of a proprietary process which converts USP vitamins and minerals to a complex, more natural form containing native proteins, complex carbohydrates, lipids, bioflavonoids and o ther food factors.

Foodform Minerals are produced by feeding minerals to living baker's yeast and yogurt cultures. Foodform Vitamins are produced by reacting USP vitamins with biologically-active plant concentrates. The nutrients are then spray dried like powdered milk, and compressed into tablets using a special, slow-speed method. Every batch is assayed for nutrient potency and microbiological purity.

University Studies Show Foodform Vitamins And Minerals Are Better Than USP.

Over 60 studies have compared Foodform to USP vitamins and minerals in absorption, retention and utilization, toxicity and physiological properties such as antioxidant strength. Studies were performed by independent researchers at New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Scranton and o ther institutions. Many of these studies have been published in prestigious scientific and medical journals including American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Diabetes.

University studies indicate Foodform vitamins and minerals may be better absorbed, retained and utilized than isolated USP vitamins and minerals. And when researchers compared how well the vitamins and minerals "do their jobs" once they get inside your body, Foodform was best. We have prepared of technical bulletin which shows study results and references. It is titled Summary of Bioavailability Study Results Comparing Foodform Vitamins and Minerals with Ordinary (USP and FCC) Vitamins and Minerals. To receive a free copy contact us with your mailing address.

The Foodform Solution To Not Eating Right.

So, even though your diet is less-than-perfect, Foodform provides immediate, concentrated nourishment to every cell in your body. A few tablets a day will change your life. You could accomplish the same thing by eating a perfect diet and eliminating all harmful effects of pollution, stress, lack of sleep, etc. But we don't know anyone who is able to live that way.  


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